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The On Treating Things As People Objectification,...

We typically see vibrators as sex toys, however, at some point in time vibrators were used to medically treat women. In the article, On Treating Things as People: Objectification, Pornography, and the History of the Vibrator we will look at the history of vibrators. According to the article, in the 18th and 19th century women were said to have a disease known as hysteria. Hysteria as the researcher noted, had many symptoms in common with chronic arousal. Several solutions were stated in the article to resolve hysteria. One solution given was that doctors or midwifes would massage a woman’s genitals with their finger until orgasm was reached, and those women who were married were advised to engage in vigorous sexual intercourse with their husbands until orgasm was reached. According to the researcher, Genital massage was very effective, but doctors found it difficult to put into use because it took a lot of time and effort on their part. Another solution given in the arti cle was that Doctors than came up with a device which was composed of directed jets of water; these devices produced a form of douche and helped spas become a success. According to the researcher, Directed water jets were very effective in helping with the treatment of hysteria but it was very expensive and as a result not many doctors administered it to women. Lastly, according to the researcher, doctors came up as with a less expensive device a mechanical vibrator. These mechanical vibrators were

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Using The Method Ipa Is It Favors Open Ended Questions...

Qualitative In the examination of a topic as personal as changes in meaningful occupation, using the method IPA is going to enhance the researchers ability to complete an in-depth analysis in order to understand the individual’s experiences. An advantage of IPA is it favors open-ended questions with the view of gaining detailed descriptions about individuals lived experiences. It is frequently used in research concerned with identity and the individual’s sense of self as it favors in-depth analysis into important life experiences (Scotland, 2012; Smith Eatough, 2012). Under this approach the researcher needs to be aware of there own pre-understanding of the topic and how this personal understanding may influences the issues being researched (Borell, Nygard, Asaba, Gustavsson Hemmingsson, 2012). IPA studies use a small sample size, to ensure each individual’s experiences are analyzed in detail. The researcher needs to decide if they are going to give detailed analysis on one or two individual’s experiences or take a view of a larger group. Taking on a larger sample size runs the risk of becoming a superficial qualitative analysis due to the overwhelming amount of data (Smith Eatough, 2012). IPA is best suited to a flexible method of data collection such as semi-structured interviews. These interviews are participate led with guidance from the researcher using open-ended questions, which will produce meaningful and in-depth accounts of the topics being explored.Show MoreRelatedBranding in Clothing Industry22425 Words   |  90 PagesSummary 20 23 Chapter 3: Methodology 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Theoretical backgrounds 3.2.1 Review of different research traditions 3.2.2 Quantitative versus qualitative analysis 3.2.3 Reliability and validity of data 3.3 Justification of research method 3.4 Sampling 3.5 Interview schedule 3.5.1 Stage one 3.5.2 Stage two 3.5.3 Stage three 3.6 Administration 3.7 Analysis strategy 3.7.1 Grounded theory and its relationship to qualitative data analysis 3.7.2 Within-case and cross-case analysis 3.7.2Read MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 Pagesinternational management reflect this dynamism and the increasing unpredictability of global economic and political events. Continued growth of the emerging markets is reshaping the global balance of economic power. Many emerging markets continued to experience growth during a period in which developed countries saw their economies stagnate or decline. The global political environment remains volatile and uncertain, with ongoing conflicts in the Mi ddle East and Africa and continuing tensions in Iran, North

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Description Of Organization Justification â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Description Of Organization Justification? Answer: Introducation The video clearly displays about how the lower cost provider with the globalised strategy is able to handle the market with the different regional acquisitions. Along with this, there are certain unrivalled customer services that are set with moving to the primary industrial applications. the strategy needs to focus on developing some tactics which will be important for handling the resources like the reputation, unrivalled customer service. (Augier et al., 2016) Organisation abide to the theory in clips The organisation chosen for the strategic change is Coca Cola which includes the segmentation, target and the positioning of the different strategy patterns. It includes the forms where the focus is mainly on the inspiration for the different optimism and happiness moments. The competitive advantage is also related to the collaborative customer relationship that helps in handling the channel marketing and working over the brand portfolios. The sectors include the competition in the market along with handling the outsourcing of the different operations with the economic scale development. This leads to the improvement of the stronger portfolio system with the brands that are set for outsourcing the operations and the economic scales. The improvement is mainly through the strong branding portfolio where the demographic standards and the consumption occasions need to be handled as well. The distribution strategy in marketing is related to setting the pre-sales data and a proper conventi onal truck route. This will help in managing the brand equity and the standards are set with the values and the other associations. The competitive analysis is based on working over the innovation forms where the marketing standards are for employing and differentiating from each other. The competition is set with the local players like Pepsi etc., where the issues are depending upon the different segments of the marketing. The expectations of the customer are based on the lower pricing and setting the mass marketing where there is a need to improve the choice of the customer to choose Coca-Cola. The differentiation forms of the products are to retain the customers and handle the strong building of the brand that leads to the change in the marketing pull as well. Hence, a proper development is required which need to check over the changing lifestyle and the economic conditions as well. The higher level of services is equipped to work on the execution plan and how the resources and t he capability are matched for the sustainable value development. With this, the check is also on providing a higher level of the service which is not only important for the better strategy but also for the better quality and the better customer satisfaction. Here, there are intended and the emergent forms which looks for the emergent looks along with working towards putting a particular thing to plan (Jajja et al., 2017). The value, resources and the capability is mainly to match the sustainability value to a higher competitive level. Business Innovation Brief Description of the organisation Justification The business model innovation for the product or service helps the company to lower the cost, with the high product value for the customers. there are different misconceptions about the innovation where innovation needs big resources. The innovation is based on analysing the strategy with the economic aspects that are based on creativity with the boosts to take up the challenges. These are based on handling the techniques with the development of better economic aspects. The creativity always takes the challenges with focus on innovative competition in the market like Microsoft, Apple (Kageyama et al., 2017). Organisation abide to the theory in clips The organisation chosen is how Facebook existence which completely changed the modelling and the social media life of the people. There are companies who are working on facing the competition in the market, which not only generates the new ideas but also understands all the important requirements for the effective customers. Mark Zuckerberg is involved in working towards the changes and this is how he is able to meet the requirements as per the customer demands (Gassmann et al., 2017). The innovation pays more value with the standards set with the clouds to a desired height where one needs to hold the records of becoming consistently rich and wealthy. The regular interval stages and the performance is set for the program development, where, Mark Zuckerberg being the richest man has been able to work with the greater potential power and the creative thinking. The stages are applied for the ideas that include the efforts that leads to sincerity towards good creative thinking. The major focus is on handling and growing a greater extent with the people like managers, team leaders and the entrepreneurs who not only focus on the creative thinking but innovation as well (Kageyama et al., 2017). The standards are set to produce the income and cost cutting for the total productions. It includes the acceleration of the growth and capabilities which is important for the human beings. The business model innovation also requires the change with the road map innovations which will help in directing towards the right path. The strategies are based on tracking all the drawbacks and working towards how one can improve the innovation which could be used by the people without any use of the resources. Facebook being the best social media has not only changed the world but has a major impact on the different people and the innovation world. Now the people look for the different ideas which could improve the quality of life of the people for living (Visnic et al., 2017). The end to end innovation process helps not only in the creativity and ideation but also a proper design thinking with the business model canvas. References Augier, M., Teece, D. J. 2016. Sohvi Leih Institute for Business Innovation, Berkeley, CA, USA. Jajja, M. S. S., Kannan, V., Brah, S. A., Hassan, S. Z. 2017. Linkages between firm innovation strategy, suppliers, product innovation, and business performance: insights from resource dependence theory.International Journal of Operations Production Management, (just-accepted), 00-00. Kageyama, A., Kosuga, M. 2017. Corporate Strategy and Business Process Innovation in Japanese Company: A Case of Panasonic Corporation.Holistic Business Process Management: Theory and Practice,14, 93. Gassmann, O., Frankenberger, K., Sauer, R. 2017. A Primer on Theoretically Exploring the Field of Business Model Innovation. Visnjic, I., Neely, A., Jovanovic, M. 2017, January. A Quest for Fit: Interplay of Service Market Strategy and Business Model Innovation. InAcademy of Management Proceedings(Vol. 2017, No. 1, p. 10358). Academy of Management.

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Romeo Character Analysis Essay free essay sample

Character Analysis Essay In the play Romeo amp; Juliet, Romeo tends to blame destiny and fate for all of his problems. In reality, Romeos character is flawed. He shows this through his actions in the play. When he loves Juliet, he only shows a superficial love for her. He then loses his temper when Mercutio dies and doesnt think before he goes and kills Tybalt. After he kills Tybalt, he whines that fortune has gotten him in trouble. Romeo is not a victim of destiny or fate, he is simply a rash teenager who has made bad decisions. The first flaw in his character is his idea of love. When he first meets Juliet, he falls in love with her because of her looks. All throughout the play, he continuously proves himself to be a teenager after superficial attraction. He says about Juliet, Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I never saw true beauty till this night. We will write a custom essay sample on Romeo Character Analysis Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page (Act 1, Scene 5, Lines 52,53) As he is saying this, he is looking at her for the first time. By him saying that he had never seen true beauty, he was showing that the beauty of a woman was what he was looking for. This character flaw proves that he is not controlled by fate, but that he is a youth who has made poor decisions. As a rash teenager, Romeo has trouble controlling his temper and emotions. This results in Romeo not thinking before he acts and killing Tybalt because of Mercutios death. He shows volatile anger which he could have controlled, but instead leads him to kill his cousin-in-law. As he is coming toward Tybalt, he is furious. He yells at him saying, Away to heaven, respective lenity and fire-eyed fury be my conduct now. (Act 3, Scene 1, Lines 122,123) When Romeo says this, he is showing that he is unable to control his temper. He ends up blaming fortune for the death of Tybalt, but it really was his inability to control his actions. Even though he claims to be a victim of destiny of fate, he is just a rash youth who has made poor choices. Being a rash teenager, Romeo often becomes overly emotional and gives up asily. He showed this after he had slain Tybalt. He whines and wails, O, I am fortunes fool. (Act 3, Scene 1, Line 135) He is bawling over his own actions rather than those of fortune. He then runs off to Friar Laurence to whine some more. When the friar tells him of the banishment, he says, Tell me that I may sack the hateful mansion. By saying this to Friar Laurence, he is giving up and is ready to commit suicide. The friar has to remind him of the good things that have happened in his life to stop him from killing himself. This shows that Romeos actions are not controlled by fate, but his actions are directed by his youthful will. In the play Romeo amp; Juliet, Romeo has many youthful character flaws. He shows that he only cares for superficial attraction when he is looking for a wife. Even when he marries Juliet, he still shows rash character by losing his temper and killing Tybalt. He then goes and whines over his horrible life. Overall, Romeo is a rash youth who has blamed destiny and fate for his own character flaws. Romeo Character Analysis Essay

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ACT Scoring Error Did You Get Someone Elses Scores by Mistake

ACT Scoring Error Did You Get Someone Else's Scores by Mistake SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Did you take the ACT and get a lower score than you expected? Do you think there may have been a scoring error? Maybe you filled in a section incorrectly or your exam wasn’t graded properly? Scoring errors on the ACT are rare, but they are possible, and there are ways to identify and correct these errors. This guide will go over the steps you need to take in order to verify your scores, as well as what you should do to improve your score on future ACTs if there was no grading error. Did ACT, Inc. Make a Mistake? It’s very rare for ACT, Inc. to make a mistake when grading exams or reporting scores, but it does happen. Each year, hundreds of students who took the ACT request score verification, and some errors are found and corrected. ACT, Inc. does make mistakes, but it is important to know that these mistakes are very uncommon. The vast majority of students who take the ACT have their exam graded and reported properly. Before you begin the process of verifying your scores, you should be aware that the most likely scenario is that you simply didn’t do as well on the ACT as you expected you would. This can be disappointing to hear, and while you may wish this were a world where one day you come home to find a letter telling you that your ACT score is actually 5 points higher than originally reported, at some point you do have to overcome denial and focus on improving your scores for future exams. Potential Causes of Scoring Errors There are multiple reasons why a test may have been scored incorrectly. Below are some of the most common causes of scoring errors. Errors Caused by ACT, Inc. Sending a test taker the wrong score report. Incorrectly printing a question or section time on a test booklet. Problems with scanning answer sheets or essays. Errors Caused by the Test Taker Filling answers in for the wrong section. Filling in the wrong test identifying code. Writing the essay with pen instead of pencil Incorrectly filling in answer bubbles (not filling the bubble in all the way, not shading dark enough, etc.) How to Determine If There Is a Scoring Error If you're concerned that your ACT scores are wrong, you have two options: ordering a Test Information Release and requesting hand scoring. I'll go over what each of these involves in the order that I would recommend you approach them. Order a Test Information Release If after looking over your ACT score report you feel that you scored very differently from what you were expecting and don’t understand why, you can order a Test Information Release (TIR). A TIR provides you with a copy of all of the multiple choice questions from your ACT, a list of your answers, the answer key, and scoring instructions. This information allows you to see exactly which questions you answered incorrectly. If you took the ACT with Writing, you will also receive the writing prompt and essay scoring rubric. Even if you don't suspect a scoring error, TIRs can be useful as study material for future ACTs to help you learn what mistakes you made and what areas you need to improve in. ACT, Inc. offers the option to order a TIR when you register for the ACT, and you may have already ordered one. If not, you can order a TIR up to three months after you take the ACT. Note that TIRs are only available for ACTs taken on national test dates in April, June, and December, and they cost $20 to order. You can order one by filling out the form on ACT website and mailing it in. Once you receive your TIR, look over every question carefully. Are the answers the report says you marked the same ones you remember choosing? Now that you have the answer key, do you understand why those are the correct answers? It may simply be that you thought you were solving questions correctly but actually weren’t. If this is the case, skip down to the â€Å"What to do if there wasn’t a scoring error† section, and learn ways to raise your score for future ACTs. If something still seems strange, and your answer list doesn’t match with what you remember answering on the day of the test, you may want to order score verification (hand scoring). Score Verification Score verification, or hand-scoring, is a way to confirm your ACT scores if you feel your exam was graded improperly or if you think you may have marked your answer sheet incorrectly (such as filling in answers in the wrong section). You can request the ACT score verification service if, after ordering a TIR, you still believe your exam was graded incorrectly. In most cases you'll want to order a TIR before hand scoring because the TIR is cheaper and can give you a lot of useful information that, in most cases, convinces you that your test was graded properly. However, you can also order hand scoring without ordering a TIR first if you think there is an issue that will be solved by hand scoring. Reasons to request score verification before a TIR: You think you wrote your essay with pen instead of pencil. Your essay isn’t visible on your free score report. You think you bubbled your answers in on the wrong section. You think you used the wrong test identifying code. To request hand scoring, you need to fill out this request form and mail it to the ACT up to 12 months after taking the exam. You'll need to write in your name (the official one you used for the test), address, and date of birth along with the ACT ID, testing location, and test date from your original score report. Also include a check payable to ACT Student Services with the applicable fee. Score verification costs $50 for the multiple choice questions, $40 for the essay, or $90 to have both verified. Mail all of these materials along with your request for Score Verification to: ACT Student Services P.O. Box 414 Iowa City, IA 52243-0414 ACT Inc. will inform you by mail of the results of your score verification within three to five weeks. The letter will tell you if your original scores were confirmed to be correct or not. If an error was found, your scores will be changed and your corrected reports will be sent to all your previous score recipients (such as colleges you sent your scores to) at no cost. Your score verification fee will also be refunded. It’s also possible for you to be in the room during the verification process, although you won’t have access to the test questions. However, this option is not really necessary unless you are particularly worried about your test being scored incorrectly again. If you are interested in this, state it in the letter you mail along with the rest of the information to the address above. The ACT doesn’t provide a lot of details about this service, but they do state that extra fees apply. You may want to call ACT Customer Service at 319-337-1270 to learn more before requesting this option. Unlike SAT hand score verification, if you order hand scoring for the ACT, your score will never go down if an error is found that isn’t in your favor. Your score can only go up or stay the same if you request ACT hand scoring. Special note: In the past, if you ordered hand scoring for your ACT essay, your essay was be reread and rescored. Now, however, getting your essay hand-scored just means ACT, Inc. will confirm your essay was scored following ACT guidelines (two independent graders, with a third grader stepping in if the two scores differed by more than one point in any domain. Learn more about how the ACT essay is scored here. After going through the above steps, you will know whether or not the ACT made an error while grading or sending your scores. What if there was no mistake, and that really is the score you got? Read on to find out what to do. What to Do If There Wasn't a Scoring Error Don’t feel like it is the end of the world if your ACT score is lower than you thought it would be. Your standardized test scores are only one component of your application, and you may have time to retake the ACT and aim for a higher score. ACT Inc. offers a service that allows you to choose which ACT scores you send to schools. This means that, as long as the schools you’re applying to don’t require you to send all your ACT scores (and we have a complete list of the schools that require all ACT scores sent), then one low ACT score will not affect your application if you retake the ACT and receive a higher score. It's also normal for your ACT scores to fluctuate from one test to another. Drops in score of up to three composite points are normal and can occur just due to chance. This is especially true if you had a high score (30+) on previous ACT sections. Check out our guide to learn more about changes in ACT scores, what’s normal drop in score, and what isn’t. Your scores may go down, but you won't be trapped in this creepy basement. How to Improve Your Scores Read on to learn specific strategies to help improve your scores on future ACTs. Identify Your Weak Areas Take some time to look over your TIR, if you ordered one. It has a lot of useful information and lets you see exactly which questions you answered incorrectly. Make note of the areas you answered the most questions incorrectly in and focus on them for your future studying. How can you improve a low section score? Check out these section-by-section guides: English The Top 9 ACT English Strategies You Should Use TheBest Methods and Strategies for ACT English Prep Math The 31 ACT Math Formulas You Need to Know More guides on everything from polygons to statistics Reading The Best Way to Practice ACT Reading How to Stop Running Out of Time on ACT Reading Science The Complete Guide to ACT Science 9 Reasons You're Missing ACT Science Questions Practice Don’t be unprepared for your next try at the ACT! Even though you’ve already taken the test before, you still need to study and practice for the next time. One of the best ways to do this is to take complete, strictly timed practice tests. Doing so will help you track your progress over time and help you identify where you are improving and where you still need to practice. Taking complete practice ACTs will also give you a more accurate estimate of what your score will be on a real ACT than simply taking one section at a time would. Review your results for these practice tests carefully so you learn what mistakes you made and how to avoid making them again in the future. You have to practice for the ACT, just like you would for a piano recital. (Colton Witt/Flickr) Consider Hiring a Tutor or Taking a Prep Course Sometimes, having a study plan developed by someone else is the best way to effectively target your weak areas and raise your score. There are a lot of great tutors and prep courses. Read our guide on finding the best tutor for you. Be Prepared on Test Day Simple logistics can be enough to have a significant impact on your test scores. On test day, make sure you are confident and prepared so you don’t let any outside circumstances affect your scores. Get enough sleep the night before the exam, bring a snack with you on test day, and know how to get to your test center. Having these things set will help you focus all your concentration on the test. Also, make sure you give yourself enough time before retaking the ACT. I recommend between two and four months so that you have enough time to practice and improve. Summary It’s very rare for ACT, Inc. to send incorrect ACT scores, but it does happen. If you are surprised by how low your ACT scores are, there is a process you can go through to get your scores verified, but be aware the chances of your scores changing is very small. To verify your scores should first order a Test Information Release so you can see exactly which questions you answered correctly and which you answered incorrectly. Comparing your responses to the answer key may be enough to clear up the problem and let you see what you did wrong. However, if you still believe there was an error, you can request hand scoring to have your scores verified. There is a fee for both of these services, and they must be requested within three months of taking the ACT. If there was no scoring error, there are multiple ways you can work to improve your score, including analyzing your score reports, taking practice tests, and using a tutor or prep program. You can find more information about ACT score verification here. What's Next? Are you interested in a test prep program? PrepScholar has the industry's leading ACT and SAT prep program. Built by Harvard grads and full scorers, the program learns your strengths and weaknesses through advanced statistics, then customizes your prep program to you so you get the most effective prep possible. Try a 5-day risk-free trial for the ACT or SAT today! Interested in getting a top score on the ACT? Read our guide on how to get a perfect ACT score, by a 36 full scorer. Disappointed with your ACT scores? Want to improve your ACT score by 4+ points? Download our free guide to the top 5 strategies you need in your prep to improve your ACT score dramatically. Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article! Tweet Christine Sarikas About the Author Christine graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in Environmental Biology and Geography and received her Master's from Duke University. In high school she scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and was named a National Merit Finalist. She has taught English and biology in several countries. Get Free Guides to Boost Your SAT/ACT Get FREE EXCLUSIVE insider tips on how to ACE THE SAT/ACT. 100% Privacy. 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Ask below and we'll reply! 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ACT Vocabulary You Must Know ACT Writing: 15 Tips to Raise Your Essay Score How to Get Into Harvard and the Ivy League How to Get a Perfect 4.0 GPA How to Write an Amazing College Essay What Exactly Are Colleges Looking For? Is the ACT easier than the SAT? A Comprehensive Guide Should you retake your SAT or ACT? When should you take the SAT or ACT? Michael improved by 370 POINTS! Find Out How Stay Informed Get the latest articles and test prep tips! Looking for Graduate School Test Prep? Check out our top-rated graduate blogs here: GRE Online Prep Blog GMAT Online Prep Blog TOEFL Online Prep Blog

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Corporate Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Corporate Strategy - Essay Example supplies from over 1071 factories in 56 countries Furthermore PVH has its headquarters in Manhattan, but has administrative offices in Milan, Trento and Hong Kong as well as operating distribution facilities at locations across the U.S. (PVH Annual Reports, 2008). In regards to the sourcing operations of the firm, according to the Corporate Social Responsibility report, PVH has implemented a ‘Global Human Rights and Social Responsibility Program’ which indicates that the standards for price, quality and logistics are kept on par with the human rights consideration (PVH CSR, 2008). What this means is that the firm self-identifies a global operator and all stakeholders are equally responsible to the firm’s code of conduct. Why PVH is a global firm is important because of the implications is has for the firms strategy. According to the 2008 financial reports more than 30% of the income derived before interest and tax comes from international sales which are up from 25% in 2007. It is the case that the retail sales of PVH is are diverse across the company’s product line, including Calvin Klein brand which has approximately 56% of its sales in international markets to Bass where about 1% of sales are in international markets (PVH,2008). Implicit in this is that different product lines have varying success and strategy in different markets. The question of which value chain activities the company performs in house and which are outsourced is evident from the firm’s financial reports. One specific example is the Calvin Klein brand; wherein the firm maintains a dedicated in-house marketing, advertising and design division. These divisions are responsible for maintaining and controlling the global marketing strategy of the brand and controlling the product development for most of their product licensees. The reasoning behind this strategy is owing to the fact that the firm wants to exert a certain level of control over the entire brand to ensure product and